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Letting In-house Opportunities Nurture   

Indo Foreign Trade Craft

L . I . O . N

Funding to protect soil for the future generation

Discover the best of Coir, Jute, Wool, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), Viscose, Sisal, Silk, Organic Cotton, Sea Grass & Rubber 


Explore New Worlds

A World, Blending Culture with Science.


We offer wide range of products such as Coir Geotextiles, Coir rugs Coco blocks, Jute Geotextiles, Jute rugs, Wool rugs, Viscose rugs, Acrylic Organic Cotton rugs, Yoga Mats, Rubber rugs, PET rugs


We focus on promoting and increasing the production and exports of hand-crafted products with the contribution, teamwork, synergy and creative input of master weavers, artisans and many talented people.


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