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Coir Vinyl Backed Mats

Made from 100% natural coir and are also known as coco rug, coconut rug or entrance rug. 

Coir rug is a popular choice for entrances, porches and doorways due to various reasons

  • Durability - Very good for high traffic areas. Coir rugging can last for many years and still provide a great cleaning quality

  • Natural - Biodegradable. For people who love traditional and authentic look

  • Cost effective - Cheap to install.  Can customize the size yourselves using a Stanley knife, meaning you don’t have to rely on specialist tools, machinery or providers to get the perfect-sized rugs.

  • Versatile - Coir rugs can be stenciled with any design and color.

  • Prevents slips - This mat is strong enough to scrape dirt and mud off shoes as well as removing water. This can help to avoid a slip hazard as well as limiting mess caused by dirty and wet shoes. Coir rugs can then be cleaned when dry with a vacuum cleaner or simply shaking the dirt off outside.

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