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Felted Yarn Flat Weave

The Flat Weave hand woven rug is a type of area rug created by weaving wool. The Flat Weave rug offers the same beauty and durability as the classical thick-pile Oriental rugs, but without the thick pile often spotted in other handmade rugs. This gives the Flat weave a thin and flat appearance which resembles the Needlepoint, making them wonderfully ideal choices as accent rugs, wall hangings, or to drape over furniture and staircases.


1.8 X 1.8FT

RD-2456, DC-16025


1.8 X 1.8FT

Rd- 2459,DC- 16028


1.8 X 1.8FT

RD-2472, DC-16041


1.8 X 1.8FT

RD-2468, DC-16037

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