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Coir Erosion Blanket Woven


Coir Erosion Blanket (CEB) consists of prefabricated netting or blankets known as mesh matting in Kerala, India which is 100% organic extraction from the coconut husk. Among vegetable fibers coir has the one of the highest concentrations of lignin which makes it stronger and gives good resistance to microbial action and saltwater damage. It is spun and woven into matting that has a unique strength to protect slopes against erosion and improves the natural vegetation.

IFTC’s CEB blankets are of high grade and are used to create healthy habitat for vegetation, road construction prevent scour and soil erosion on slopes, spillways, riverbanks, lakes and drainage channels, perform hard revetment and prevent top soil from drying out by water absorption. It is also used in repair of erosion, fill and compact eroded area, reseed, maintenance of Golf courses , Soft ball and base ball courts. It cuts off the sunlight and there won’t be any excessive heating risk as like in synthetic rolled mats.


Rolled Erosion Controlled Blanket density ranges from 400 to 900 GSM ( Gram Per Square Meter )

A higher density means a tighter mesh and less open area in the netting. The density range of different mattings are available, meeting varying requirements like:

  • Soil pressure.

  • Open surface percentage, allowing for a new growth of vegetation.

  • Capacity to control surface water.

  • Different types of land terrains.

Mesh Mattings (Geo Textiles)

Definition :- A matting of two treadle weave in construction with difference that the warp and weft strands are positioned at a distance to get mesh effect.


MMA2(H2M4) In this matting, the warp threads are arranged in group of three strands.

MMR1(H2M3) In this matting, the warp and weft threads are arranged in pairs, each warp Strand is woven alternately with the adjacent strands.

MMA5(H2M10) In this matting the warp strands are arranged in group of 6 strands leaving A gap of 1 cm between each group. After 6 such group 4 jute strands are Provided to protect the warp after cutting. A gap of 1.5 cm is provided After the jute strands to facilitate cutting of matting in strips of 20 cm width

MMB1(H2M2) In this matting extra warp strands are allowed to reinforce over a width of 2 Inch at both sides, when the width of matting is 36 inch and less. Above 36 Inch width a reinforcement of 4inch width at the centre and sides of the Matting is allowed.

                                        Approximate loadability in a 40'HC Container

                                                                                       H2M2/H2M9  -  10,000 Sq. Mtr.


                                                                                       H2M6                -  15,000 Sq. Mtr.


                                                                                       Coir Loop        -    6,000 Sq. Mtr.

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