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Rubber Mats

We are specialized in industrial floor mats, fitness mats, floor protector mats, horse mats, needle mats and interlock mats. Our rubber mats are  re vulcanized for fitness use and are excellent for safeguarding floors from heavy weights caused by the gym machineries and they protect against abrasions and absorb the vibrations. Because of that they can endure the impact of heavy physical objects and prevent that force from reaching the subfloors below them. They provide a premium softness to stand, sit and sleep on it.​They are very easy to install, and it makes for an excellent weekend Do-it-Yourself project.

Noted benefits are as follows :

  • Punter surface, grooved bottom

  • Reduce back and leg strains that can lead to injuries

  • Provide a healthy, natural environment

  • Insulate against cold and damp conditions

  • Absorb shock, reduce bedding costs

  • Great for use all around the barn, in stalls, wash racks, grooming stalls and more

  • 100% waterproof surface

  • Standard Size: 4' X 6' X 3/4" thick and can be customized.

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