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Our Story



Weaving Dreams Together



​Handcrafts, once a staple among the Indian villagers over the centuries are now under the onslaught of machine looms and the original hand crafts have almost disappeared. At Indo Foreign Trade Craft (IFTC ) we focus on promoting and increasing the production and exports of hand crafted products with the contribution, teamwork, synergy and creative input of master weavers, artisans and many talented people

The totality of the finished products are the outcome of the masterly hands and minds for whom making of these masterpieces are a full hearted commitment and dedication carried on from generation to generation.

This Is Us

The seed of Indo Foreign Trade Craft can be traced back to1958 when our ancestors started coir manufacturing facility in the Thanneermukkom South Village of Alappuzha District, Kerala’s historic venice of the east with a clear objective to meet the requirements  of high quality floor matting for our buyers domestically. 

Our founder T.N. Gopalakrishnan first established the family business under the name "Gopalakrishna Coir Works" and then later on his son, T.G.Lal , assumed the directorial responsibilities and formed additional company under the name “Indo Foreign Coir Corporation“ with the sole purpose of exporting coir biodegradables, jute, wool, viscose, PET, rubber, cotton and customized floor mats to our buyers in specific parts of the world. The company was later changed to partnership as “Indo Foreign Trade Craft “under his son Varun Lal’s ownership.

Our mission is to supply high quality products using defect free weaving techniques and superior product handling all at an affordable price and excellent customer service.

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 Mr.Varun Lal ( Marketing Director )

Mr.Jithin Ashok ( Partner )

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